Count On Me 28 Day BRIEF

The Most Comfortable Leakproof Underwear

The Breathable Smart Fabric
The moisture wicking Smart Fabric draws moisture away from the body and releases it through the microholes.
Luxurioulsy Silky Texture
The Smart Fabric has a smooth, soft touch that feels like silk, clinging gently to your skin.
Triple Layer Protection
The gusset of the 28 Day BRIEF is composed of three layers to protect you from small leaks.

Advanced Underwear Made with Care

Moisture Wicking
Our breathable SMART FABRIC️ releases sweat & heat through advanced micro holes.
High Stretch + Recovery
The Spandex provides all the stretch you need, so the underwear fits you properly in all-day activities.
Zero Stitching Bonded Fusion
With the Bonded Fusion Technology, our underwear has a seamless look and increased flexibility.
Sustainably Manufactured
The Bonded Fusion Technology highly reduces wastes - it allows very little leftover materials and human labor doing sewing.
Count on Me 28 Day BRIEF
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Invisible Fresh & Dry BRIEF
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> When do I wear the 28 Day BRIEF?
The 28 Day BRIEF is made to absorb all kinds of mild leaks, so it is perfect to wear during the light flow days, especially before or after heavy menstruation. It can also be used postpartum to protect you from bladder leaks or incotinence.
> What size should I get for my 28 Day BRIEF?
The 28 Day BRIEF sizing ranges from XS to 3XL and the fit is true to size. Choose the size you usually wear if you like a comfortable fit, or size down for a tighter coverage. Use our Size Guide to find your best fit.
> How do I take care of my 28 Day BRIEF?
Machine-wash on declicate cycle. Do not use bleach. After wash, tumble dry on low or hang/flat dry the BRIEF. Most importantly: do not iron the BRIEF!!
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